Blister Packaging Machine

Blister Packaging Machine

The blister packaging machine is a machine that forms a blister with a transparent plastic film or sheet, and seals the product between the blister and the bottom plate by heat sealing, bonding and other methods. Suitable for lumps, powders, and liquids.

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Excellent Product Quality

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Rich Experience In Production

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blister packaging machine

WENZHOU TRUSTAR MACHINERY TECHNOLOGY Co. ,LTD. is a scientific and technological machinery enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales.produced blister packaging machines, cartoning machine, Automatic Overwrapping Machine,tube filling machine.  Trustar packaging machines are widely used in food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries.

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Roller blister packaging machine

Working principle of roller type blister packaging machine: the formed film is softened by heating device, the blister is sucked out by vacuum negative pressure on roller type forming die roll, the packing material is filled into the blister by filling device, and then the covering film coated with adhesive on one side is sealed on the surface of material with blister by roller type heat sealing device under appropriate temperature and pressure, And the package is sealed in the blister. After that, the batch number is printed and the broken line is pressed out by the typing and embossing device, and finally the punching device is used to cut into a certain size of product plate.

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Automatic Blister Packaging Machine | blister packaging machine pharmaceutical industry

260H Automatic Blister Packaging Machine is a kind of blister aluminum (PTP) / plastic (PVC) compound sealing packaging equipment

pharmaceutical blister packaging machine | Liquid Blister Packaging Machine

Liquid Blister Packaging Machine has the following characteristics: small body, flat mold structure, easy operation and mold replacement, multi-function, adjustable stroke, and durable.

Alu-alu Blister Packing Machine

250H Alu Alu Blister Packing Machine is a new technology product specially developed for pharmaceutical, health care and food companies with packaging, inspection, and waste removal functions.

tablet blister packaging machine | Alu PVC Blister Packing Machine

Alu PVC Blister Packing Machine is suitable for the automatic high-speed blister packaging of regular medicines such as capsules and tablets and chewing gum, lozenges, chocolate beans and other sweets.

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The blister packaging machine can effectively guarantee the safe packaging of the tablets from the tablet press or the capsules from the capsule filling machine. It plays an important role in the pharmaceutical, food processing and chemical industries.

This is mainly determined by the tools of the blister packaging machine, thermoformed or cold formed blister packaging machine, according to the production needs to replace the parts to achieve.

PVC base film web is drawn off from a reel and fed into the blister forming unit where blisters are continuously formed. The web is then led to the sealing unit over a guide track. Over the guide track, the product is filled into the blisters by suitable automatic filling unit before the web enters the sealing unit Aluminum foil is drawn off from a separate reel and is fed to the sealing unit where it is sealed with the base web, thus enclosing the product hermetically.

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blister-packaging-machine | Operation and use of blister packaging machine

Blister packaging machine is a machine in which a transparent plastic film or sheet is formed into a blister, and the product is sealed between the blister and the bottom plate by heat sealing, bonding and other methods.

blister-packaging-machine | Use of vacuum pump for blister packaging machine

Vacuum pump is needed in the blister packing machine. The following is the introduction of the use of vacuum pump in the blister machine.blister packaging machine manufacturers

blister-packaging-machine | Market prospect of pharmaceutical capsule blister packaging machine

For this reason, medical blister packaging machine appeared. With the rapid development of industry, various types of automatic blister packaging machines emerge one after another.

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