What is a overwrapping machine?

What is a overwrapping machine?

The overwrapping machine is also called the wrapping machine. The overwrapping machine is to meet the packaging requirements of the containerized storage, transportation and mechanized loading and unloading operations of the goods. The overwrapping machine uses flexible packaging materials to wrap the packaging in whole or in part. Packaging machine. It is an indispensable machine in packaging machinery.

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Automatic Overwrapping Machine

WENZHOU TRUSTAR MACHINERY TECHNOLOGY Co. ,LTD. is a scientific and technological machinery enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales.produced blister packaging machines, cartoning machine, Automatic Overwrapping Machine,tube filling machine.  Trustar packaging machines are widely used in food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries.

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The position of overwrapping machine in packaging machinery

overwrapping machine-the purpose of the wrapping machine is suitable for the packaging requirements of cargo containerized storage, transportation and mechanized loading and unloading operations. It is widely used in foreign trade export, food and beverage, filling, papermaking, dyes, plastic chemicals, glass ceramics, machine S electric castings and other products. It can improve production efficiency and prevent damage to goods in the handling process. Dust-proof, moisture-proof and cleaning function.

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Automatic Overwrapping Machine

Automatic Overwrapping Machine.We provide Automatic Overwrapping Machine, if you want to know more, please contact us.

Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine | overwrapping machine for sale

Our main products are Blister Cartoning Machine,Cartoning Machine Pharma,Sachet Cartoning Machine,Automatic Cartoning Machine,Tube Cartoning Machine,Vertical Cartoning Machine,etc.Overwrapping machine for sale.

Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine | cellophane wrapping machine factory

Our main products are Blister Cartoning Machine,Sachet Cartoning Machine,Tube Cartoning Machine,Vertical Cartoning Machine,etc.Cellophane wrapping machine factory.

Automatic Overwrapping Machine | cigarette cellophane wrapping machine

Our main products are Blister Cartoning Machine,cigarette cellophane wrapping machine,Automatic Cartoning Machine,Tube Cartoning Machine,Vertical Cartoning Machine,etc

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①Full-wrap overwrapping machine. Including twisting type, covering type, body type, seam type and other wrapping machines. ②Semi-wrapped overwrapping machine. Including folding, shrinking, stretching, winding and other wrapping machines.

A. Irregular folding is mainly due to the large gap between the channels and the packaging material is difficult to close to the packaging object. The packaging material exceeds the packaging object more than the packaging object, and there is irregularity. B. The parts used for folding are not installed well, deviated or not in place, causing the material to fail to be folded in place according to the predetermined requirements, and the deflection causes the product to fold irregularly. C. The braking force of the packaging material is too small, and the film is slack when the film is stretched. D. The packaging speed is too high, causing the packaging to shift during the transfer process.

1. The sealing temperature is too low, and it is difficult to bond the packaging materials. 2. Irregular folding leads to uneven sealing. 3. The sealing parts are not installed correctly and are not parallel to the cover, which affects the quality of the sealing.

1. The packaging speed is too fast, and the packaging object is severely shifted, causing the packaging object to move ahead of time, and it will jam when it touches the moving parts. 2. The packaging channel is too narrow and the pressure is too tight, which makes the movement of the packaged object lag behind, and jams occur when it touches the parts in normal movement. 3. The feeding device or the discharging device is not coordinated or synchronized, and it is easy to appear jams.

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