HIJ-5050Fully Automatic Four Corner Sealing Machien+Left And Right Box Sealer

The whole machine adopts automatic system, equipped with photoelectric detection, with automatic wake up, automatic alarm and other functions Realize unmanned automatic operation

HIJ-PM600 Openging Lodding And Sealing Boxes All-in-one Machine

The materials are transported to the designated location by the connecting conveyor belt to wait for packing, and the carton is unpacked by the unpacking mechanism to wait for packing.

HIJ-CP550 double station packing machine

HIJ-cpsso double station packing machine, double station packing and cardboard putting, the whole machine adopts 8 servo motors to realize control, the stable speed is less than 10 boxes per minute, the mechanical gripper adopts suction cup together with true fit, suitable for glass bottle, liquid bottle, bare bottle and foam tray.Suitable for large weight objects or objects of opposite sex.

HIJ-CP500 Sealing Machine

It has independent debugging and production control, output count of control screen interface, adjustment of machine running speed and equipment failure and other Numbers, Chinese display and prompt.

HIJ-600 Automactic Folding and Sealing Machine

The whole operation process must be completed in a stable state, with sufficient and reliable positioning and protection measures, and no damage or destruction to the carton shall be caused.