Why is the automatic cartoning machine so popular?

Why is the automatic cartoning machine so popular?

Dec 28, 2021

In the early days, the packaging of food, medicine, daily chemical industry and other industries in my country was mainly manual packaging.
Later, with the rapid development of industry, people's demand increased. In order to ensure quality and improve efficiency, mechanized cartoning was gradually adopted, which greatly reduced packaging labor and improved packaging quality and production efficiency. As a kind of packaging machinery, automatic cartoning machine is gradually welcomed by more and more enterprises.

Manufacturing era development

From the perspective of the development layout of various countries, the development of intelligent manufacturing is extremely important to the development of the national economy. Whether it is German Industry 4.0, the U.S. Industrial Internet, or Made in China 2025, the long-term development plan of the manufacturing industry has given birth to changes in the manufacturing industry, comprehensively improved the level of manufacturing, and directly contributed to the wide application of automatic cartoning machines in enterprise production. .

Market demand is gradually increasing

With the development of my country's social economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the public has become more and more strict with quality requirements, not only requiring product quality to pass the customs, but also paying more and more attention to the outer packaging of products. The wide application of the fully automatic cartoning machine has fulfilled the requirements of exquisite appearance, bump resistance, light weight, bright surface, and flatness of the packaging box, ensuring product quality.

Low labor cost

The machine can continue to work 24 hours a day, as long as the regular maintenance work is done, it can be produced as long as possible, and the production line only needs one or two people to take care of it, which effectively saves labor costs. Moreover, because the automatic cartoning machine is mass produced, the products produced are more up to the standard with small differences.

high productivity

It takes a fixed amount of time for the automatic cartoning machine to complete a piece of cartoning work. In a fixed period, the total amount of products that can be completed is also fixed, which makes it easier to calculate and control the cost. In addition, the automatic cartoning machine has a fixed time to complete a piece of cartoning work, and its efficiency is relatively improved. It can reduce the pressure on the staff in related positions, better manage it, and make the work orderly, and it is for the enterprise. Make more profits.

High safety factor

Manual cartoning is inevitable for negligence and fatigue, and accidents are prone to work accidents, while automatic cartoning machines are used throughout the machine. Repeated operations have high accuracy, good stability, few personnel use, and strong safety, which can effectively prevent injuries to workers , Which is helpful to the safe and civilized production of enterprises.

Of course, if a fully automatic cartoning machine company wants to gain people's trust in the market, it must be strict with itself, focus on product and research and development, and provide good service and after-sales.

At the same time, it gathers a professional technical team of senior engineers with more than 10 years of experience, experts in professional fields such as automation control and packaging machinery, and has deep research in the field of intelligent manufacturing for 30 years. By.
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