What is automatic overwrapping machine

What is automatic overwrapping machine

Feb 27, 2023

An automatic overwrapping machine is a machine used to wrap products. It can automatically place the product (usually food) in the packaging material and wrap the material tightly around the product to form a complete package.

The automatic overwrapping machine usually uses materials such as plastic film or paper as packaging materials. It can place the product in the packaging material and cut the material to an appropriate size, then automatically wrap the material around the product and tightly seal the edge of the packaging material to ensure the hygiene and freshness of the product.

The advantage of automatic overwrapping machine is that it can quickly pack a large number of products, which improves production efficiency and can maintain the hygiene and quality of products during the packaging process. In addition, the automatic overwrapping machine can also reduce the need for manual packaging, thereby reducing production costs.

The automatic overwrapping machine can be used to package many different types of products, such as bread, cakes, biscuits, candy, meat, dairy products, etc. It is widely used in the food processing and packaging industry, and is also used in other industries, such as medicine, cosmetics, toys, etc.