Trustar packaging tells you how to choose wipes

Trustar packaging tells you how to choose wipes

Oct 17, 2022

Are you picking the right wet wipes?

As living standards are getting better and better and the pace of life is getting faster and faster, wet wipes have become an indispensable and important product in our lives. Wet wipes have the dual functions of toilet paper and towel, which is not only convenient to use, but also has the function of disinfection. But the previous dirt was wiped off, and the original ingredients on the wet wipes remained on our hands. Is this really okay? What are the ingredients on the wet wipes?

According to the survey results, 2 kinds of preservatives were detected in 50 wet wipe samples: CIT and MIT. Among the other 25 samples, 2 samples had higher MIT detection amount.

What are MIT and CIT?

MIT, short for methylisothiazolinone, is a highly effective preservative widely used in the cosmetic industry. CIT is the abbreviation of methylchloroisothiazolinone, which is often used in combination with MIT. This MIT/CIT mixed preservative is often called "casone". MIT, CIT preservatives are efficient and inexpensive.


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Is it illegal to have MIT and CIT in wipes?

The restrictions on preservatives in cosmetic regulations are not binding on wet wipes, and the current standards for wet wipes do not prohibit the use of MIT and CIT.

Do wipes that contain MIT work?

Infants and young children have delicate skin, so it is not recommended to use wipes containing MIT and CIT. People with sensitive skin are not recommended to use. People without skin problems should be careful not to use wipes on areas with mucous membranes such as eyes and mouth, and do not use them on wounds, redness, or eczema. If you have used wipes containing MIT, CIT, do not panic, this preservative will not accumulate in the human body.


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How to choose wet wipes

Smell with your nose. High-quality wipes emit a soft and elegant smell; poor-quality wipes: can smell pungent.

Squeeze the wipes with your hands. Choose a wipe that does not have a very thick liquid that is squeezed out. If the hands that have been wiped with wet wipes foam when rinsed with water, it means that the wet wipes contain a large amount of additives

Baby wipes must not contain fragrance, alcohol, fluorescent agents, preservatives, or water that is not fully sterilized.


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