Cellophane packaging is perfume | overwrapping machine
01 Jan

Cellophane packaging is perfume | overwrapping machine

Cellophane wrapping machine
Cellophane packaging is one of the most commonly used packaging methods for perfume. There are many ways of packing. How to wrap perfume on cellophane?
Common methods are as follows:
1. Manual packaging
Advantages: economy, low machine cost, suitable for small quantities of perfume packaging.
Disadvantages: if manual packaging is used to realize mass production, it will increase a lot of labor cost and slow packaging speed. Can not meet the needs of mass production. The packaging effect may vary according to the proficiency of different workers.
2. Automatic packaging
Advantages: fast packaging speed, uniform packaging effect, very suitable for mass production. It can be connected to the front-end production line to complete full-automatic production. Save labor cost, one machine only needs one operator to meet the needs of the company's long-term development.
Disadvantages: it is best to pack one size on one model. If you want to pack different sizes, you need to replace the mold.